Psychiatry in Irvine

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As the Medical Director of the Sleep & Neuropsychiatry in Irvine, my philosophy is "First do no Harm" and the constant pursuit of knowledge and excellence to provide state of the art medical care to patients.


Each patient is unique, with their own needs and expectations, and we strive to meet those goals.

In this day of Healthcare its very easy for the average patient to get lost in how to find the right doctor and get maximum benefit with minimal costs


Our biggest success is when our patients feel emotionally, physically, socially happy and at their best level of functioning.

Addiction in Irvine is on the rise as well like other towns in Orange County and beyond.


To achieve maximum clinical benefit with minimum and optimal intervention would enhance patients confidence and wellbeing

When the patient expresses confidence and "feels" that he/she is empowered, only then a true and honest alliance is built...

Everyone has a dream of their own potential, and if we can claim to be even a small part in facilitating and achieving it, we will feel blessed.

At Pacific Neuropsychiatry and Sleep our mission is to provide outstanding clinical, diagnostic, testing, therapeutic care and look into the root cause of the symptoms and treat them. It is a passion to find out what is causing suffering and do the best to create a sense of happiness and wellbeing. Some of the disorders we come across are

Panic attacks/OCD
Bipolar/Manic Depression
Sleep Apnea
Stress Management
​Relationship issues
Weight Loss
Addictions/Alcoholism/Smoking Cessation
Suboxone/Subutex Certified Doctor
Mood disorders
​Military Issues